In short, this book will help you to develop a positive mindset.

Self-image is a product of, and can result from, four different perspectives, which are four different perspectives, which are:

1). Self-image resulting from how you see yourself: This is how you see yourself. Most times, when you look into the mirror and notice how beautiful or handsome you are, you put on an amount of confidence.

2). Self-image resulting from how others have communicated that they see you: When two or more people tell you how they perceive aspects of your personality or behavior, you need to be conscious of that.

3). Self-image resulting from how you think others perceive you: People might not tell you how they perceive you, but that doesn’t mean they won’t act it out for you to notice. While some do it intentionally, others do it subconsciously.

4). Self-image resulting from how you perceive how you see yourself: Being truthful to yourself about yourself is the best favor you can ever give to yourself. These four perspectives may or may not be an accurate representation of who you are, though they are key determinants.

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Here are some pages from the book


In the book we disscuss:

How Our Mind Works
Ever wondered why you’re able to think, be conscious of your actions, imagine, and even make judgments?

In chapter two the discussion around Nature vs. Nurture:

Nature: The notion that our genetics predetermine our personalities. termine our personalities.

Nurture: The notion that our environment, upbringing, and life experiences determine who we are.

“How much of my personality and character traits are affected by nature, and by nurture?”


In conclusion:

1. Self-care is not selfish.
2. Self-care does not mean overindulging.
3. Self-care is vital for stress management.
4. Self-care helps your productivity.






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