Every individual perceives the world with their own lens. Some of us consider intelligence, abilities, and learning as innate qualities. These people lack the will to work hard and believe that their fate is already written by birth. Such people have a fixed mindset, and they believe in inborn talent instead of effort.

On the other hand, some people have a staunch belief that talent and intellect is not an inheritable trait. These people have a growth mindset, and they believe that hard work and consistent effort can pave ways to success. Such people are risk-takers and innovators who know that learning is a constant phenomenon that continues throughout life.

However, to understand the process of developing a growth mindset, one needs to learn it from the experts. Here is a list of 5 ted talks from the professionals that are a must-watch if you want to embrace a growth mindset.

Top 5 TED talks to Develop Growth Mindset:

TEDxBloomington – Shawn Achor – “The Happiness Advantage: Linking Positive Brains to Performance”

The first TED talk on the list is by the author of Before Happiness and Happiness Advantage, who is one of the experts to define the right way to connect happiness to success. He has done academic research at Harvard and has 12 years of experience. Moreover, he is also the co-founder and CEO of Good Think. His work has gotten attention from various platforms, including the New York Times, Boston Globe, CNN Radio, and The Wall Street Journal, etc.


The main focus of Shawn’s discussion is the emphasis on how happiness and optimism can raise the chances of success and prosperity in all the various industries around the world. He starts off very humorously and describes how 75% of the job success is related to personal satisfaction, social support, and happiness. He also states that 90% of the long-term happiness is predictable by the way our brains perceive the world.

He describes how different people or weirdos are considered the odd ones out, and how it is encouraged to stay average. But in reality, the ordinary people should scale up and come at par with the outliers. Thus, he appreciates the Mindset of staying positive and believing that optimism and effort can lead to the path of success.

Eduardo Briceno | “The Power of Belief: Mindset and Success.”

Eduardo Briceno has been working on the development of a growth mindset for various schools and organizations by Mindset Works. He is the co-founder and CEO of this organization, which offers Brainology, a program that teaches growth mindset and its power to teachers, children, and educational institutions.


He starts with real-life examples where people have learned how talents and intelligence can be learned over time. He states how a growth mindset influences prosperity and success. He also explains the difference between fixed and growth mindset, along with the benefits of having a growth mindset.

He encourages the passion for challenges and explains how process orientation should be encouraged over the end rewards. He focuses on the fact that effort and consistency can lead to success without the need of inborn traits of talent or intelligence. Eventually, he explains that it has been proven that growth-based Mindset and constant learning can encourage growth and sustainable success.

The Art of Stress-Free Productivity: David Allen at TEDx Claremont Colleges:

The next on the list is the productivity expert, also known as the creator of the Time Management practice “Getting Things Done.” In this TEDx, he explains how stress-free productivity can make lives more comfortable.


David explains how we spend too much time worrying about things that are on our head and stress over them. He thoroughly explains the concept of “psychological bandwidth,” and tells us how things on your mind are there because you are not working on them. He also states that if something is on your mind, it is there because you have not yet parked the results.

Moreover, he also tells that to get things off your mind; you don’t really have to finish them quickly. He discusses that there exists a need for stress-free productivity. By focusing on stress-free engagement, one can lead to stress-free productivity, which in turn can help us focus on the bigger picture.

The entire view slowly paces up after around 15 minutes, after which he explains how writing down everything can pull off stress and clear the goals of people in their heads. His talk is a must if you need to connect the use of a growth mindset towards stress-free productivity and success.

Dr. Lara Boyd | “After Watching This, Your Brain Will Not Be the Same”

Dr. Lara Boyd is appointed as the Canada Research Chair in Neurobiology and Motor Learning in the University of Columbia in 2006. She is highly focused on working on the therapeutics that can treat brain damage.


Here she explains how the brain is evolving. She supports neuroplasticity by explaining its wonders to shape your brain. Lara describes how the brain can become more powerful by learning, grasping opportunities, and becoming open to new activities.

She believes that practice can lead to excellence, and we have to work hard to attain this level of excellence. Her lecture is pretty motivating, factual, and it takes us to another level of confidence.

The power of yet | Carol S Dweck | TEDxNorrköping

Carol Dweck is a renowned Psychology Professor in America, and her main focus is on the Mindset of psychological traits. She has written several books.


She began with the real-life example of an institute in Chicago, where the students are given a “Not Yet” grade on failing. This provides the students with the idea that they haven’t failed; the good grades are just yet to come. As she starts explaining, she tells how a growth mindset can help chase difficulties and find them as challenges, not threats.

Moreover, she explains the example of students and tells how students with a growth mindset deal with the challenges, however, the children with a fixed mindset stay out of the problem altogether. Thus, she tries to inculcate the idea of the strength of the growth mindset and its positive implications on life.

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