Hello happy July 2020,

Today the topic from Mindcontrol™ topic is empathy and active listening. Somthing we all struggle with. We have two ears and one mouth. The hope is to improve lostening skills and foster better communication.

There is a clear difference between hearing and listening. Listening as a skill relates to how someone actually hears the intent of the message as opposed to just the words. Good listening is necessary for empathy and useful communication.

Active listening is necessary to maintain good relationships. People like to be seen, heard, and understood, and when you give them the opportunity to do this, you will find that they feel safe, comfortable, and motivated.

Empathy requires a lot of active listening. You cannot honestly say that you understand a situation by merely assuming that you do. You need to hear feelings expressed in their intensity. This is the only way you will be able to help a situation.

Here are the few important reason to be a good listener. I struggled alot in this area. It was in my best interst to work on it and seek to listen with the intent to understand. It has helped me in so many different ways.

Everyone should be an empathetic listener, and here’s why:
1. It makes you a better parent, entrepreneur and team leader
2. It bridges gaps and builds respect and trust.
3. It is useful for stress management as it eases tense environments
4. It helps you become a more effective communicator
5. It strengthens interpersonal skills
6. It teaches patience


● Listening is not about you or your views
● Empathetic listening is needed to build up trust and long-lasting relationships
● The active listener is the go-to person
● Empathetic listening is selfless



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